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Best Multiplayer Games for Android/iOS

There is a wide variety of Multiplayer games on Android/iOS Devices. These games are much addictive to play but because of so many choices, it is hard to find the best of them.

Well, not anymore. As Today, we will be taking a look at the best Multiplayer games for Android/iOS Devices.

Let’s get started with the first game on our list.

PUBG Mobile (Players unknown battleground)

This is currently the most popular multiplayer game for Android/iOS Devices. It is a mobile version of a popular PC Game which gained a lot of attention in 2017 and still it is a very popular multiplayer game.

The rules of the game are pretty simple. You will be landed with 99 more random players from all over the world on a battleground with nothing. You have to land with the help of a parachute and reach houses and buildings to loot guns, meds, ammo, cloths and other useful stuff.

There will be a safe circular zone marked on the map. You need to stay in the safe zone to stay alive and your objective is to kill all the enemies and be the #1. One can easily Download from

It is a very hard multiplayer game as it also depends upon luck, your opponent might have better guns or loot.

After the success of the PC version of this ultimate battle royal game, the developers decided to launch this game for more platforms and They launched it for Xbox One and higher models a few months back and Finally, they have launched the Android version of this game after so much demand by fans.

The game is developed by Tencent Games which is a very famous Game Developer. They managed to make the game run even in budget devices and low specifications.

The game has very good graphics which can be changed under settings depending upon the specifications of your smartphone. It lags a bit on low-end smartphones but gives a really good performance in mid-end or high-end smartphones.

You can even play with your friends in duo/squad modes and chat with them directly through the game which is insane. There are 2 modes: class and arcade, 2 maps: Erangel/Miramar and a hell lot of guns so you will never feel bored after playing the game.

PUBG Mobile is available for both Android and iOS platforms and you can download it through Playstore/Appstore.

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Guns of Boom

Guns of Boom is another great game that is available for both Android and iOS Platforms. It has got animated graphics like Fortnite on PC so you won’t feel that the graphics are too good but the game is very smooth and it looks a bit cartoonish.

You can invite your friends and play in Duo/Squad mode or even play it alone in Solo mode. It is an action-packed game where you need to fight the opponent team, there is a timer at the above. You will be respawned after dying which is a good thing.

There are many maps where you will be spawned randomly and you will be needed to fight the opposing team and win the game. As it is not a battle royale game, you will be spawned with your own gun that you can later change after collecting some points.

Overall, it is a very fun filled game and you should definitely download it you were looking for the Best Multiplayer Games 2018.

It is also available for both Android/iOS devices and you can download it from Google play store or apple app store without any hassle.

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Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

The mini militia is a very old multiplayer game for android and it was the game which actually attracted android gamers towards multiplayer games where you can play with your friends and interact with random people.

Though after the release of battle royal games for android, the mini militia has become less popular but Old is always Gold.

The game is very simple. It does not have high-quality graphics but the gameplay is classic and really smooth. You will be spawned with your team on a random spot and on a random map which a random gun. You can also pick enemies guns after killing them.

You will be respawned after dying every time. The team with more score at the end of the timer will win the game. The concept is pretty much similar to Guns of Boom.

Overall, it is a really good game where you can actually customise your avatar with different costumes.

You can download it through play store or app store without any hassle.

This was our list of Best multiplayer games for Android/iOS Devices. You can subscribe to our newsletter for more tech brewed content.

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